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Welcome to my family history website which I began building in April 2003, I hope to continue to add information so please return for another visit later.

I began researching my family history in 1996 and my initial aim has been to trace as many lines as possible back to about 1800.

I find that family history research is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle, working from the centre outwards, but the puzzle has no edges and the more pieces that you manage to fit in place the more new pieces appear!

I have restricted this website to showing my direct ancestors and their siblings, if I were to include more individuals then the site would probably become too complex for me to manage and difficult for you to understand. I do, however, collect and record information about other branches of my family tree and keep these both in book form and on a computer programme (I now use Family Historian).

In the interests of privacy I have included only a little information about living persons

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How will we know its us without our past? - John Steinbeck