Notes About Census Records

The first National Census of the UK took place in 1841 and the census has since been carried out every decade on the year ending in 1, i.e. 1851, 1861 etc., there is a hundred year closure on the census details and currently they can only be viewed up to 1911.

The 1841 census contained only limited information and ages of adults were often rounded down to the nearest 5.

I have presented the census information as it was recorded, therefore there will be errors and discrepancies particularly regarding ages and places of birth.

Another thing to bear in mind is that county boundaries have changed over time, so for example places that were once in Surrey or Middlesex were later included in London.

I have chosen to present the census details because they do tell us a great deal about the families of our ancestors, not only do we see a snapshot of families on the census dates but we can sometimes follow the history of a family through several decades.

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