Some photographs of the Everett / Hitch family

Everett family circa 1911

Back row from left: Flo, William J. and Elizabeth

Middle row from left: Bill, Harry, Ethel and Sid

Front row: Ted and Grace

Everett family circa 1915

Back row from left: Harry, Flo, Bill and Sid

Middle row from left: William J., Elizabeth and Ethel

Front row from left: Grace, Ted and Milly


Wedding of Florence Everett and Dick Dowie on Christmas Day 1918
Back row from left: Harry Everett, Ted Everett, Harry Miller (best man), William J. Everett, Elizabeth Everett (nee Hitch), Mrs Penfold (friend), Bill Everett
Front row from left: Grace Everett, Annie (sister of William J. Everett), Dick Dowie, Flo Dowie (nee Everett), Ethel Everett, Freddie (Annie's son), Milly Everett
Milly Everett
Harry and Julie Everett


William J. Everett

Elizabeth Hitch