More about the Page / Penfold family

The remains of what appears to be a page from a bible was amongst my late grandmother Elsie Everett's (nee Mills) possessions. A portion of about one-eighth was missing. The page was written on both sides and is shown below together with transcripts.

Born January 16 day

in the year of 1711

And died March 16 day

in the year of ...

And was burie...

(part missing)

Mary Page her Book

was Given to her by

Richard Penfold

February 8 day 1788


Mary Penfold was Born August 16th 1762

Thos Page was Born August 31st 1765

Thos Page & Mary Penfold Was Married July 26th 1787

(part missing)

Tho. & Mary Page Was

..89 & was Baptiz.d 31st

..hter of Thos & Mary Page

1793 & Was Baptiz.d

11 of May. Thos. the son of Thos. & Mary Page

was Born June 4 1795 & was Baptiz.d 25 of June 1795.

Wm. the Son of Thos. & Mary Page was Born June 27 1796

& was Baptiz'd 23 of July 1796. John the Son of

Thos. & Mary Page was Born December 5 & was

Baptiz'd 2(?) 1797. Cha's the Son of Thos. & Mary Page

Was Born May 28 & was Baptiz'd 20 June 1799

Sarah, the Daughter of Thos & Mary Page

Was Born July 2 & was Baptiz'd 2 August 1801

Frances the Daughter of Thos. & Mary Page

was Born at Wightlands Feb 25th 1807 & was Baptiz'd March 29th

My research found that Frances Page was Elsie Everett's great grandmother and that she was born in Ashington, Sussex. I later found that a large farmhouse called Whitelands is still in existence to the south of the village, the farm was apparently once the village dairy.

Whitelands Farm photographed in 2003


Frances Page (41)

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